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Unless otherwise stated on the face of the purchase order, the following Quality Text Clauses shall apply.
                       Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q10, Q11, Q12, Q13, Q14, Q15, Q16, Q17, Q18, Q19, Q20, Q21

* These Quality Text Clauses may vary and will be specifically called out in the purchase order issued to you. Their specifically assigned Q clause numbers (i.e., Q1, Q2, Q3 ) will reflect them.

* If purchase order is for Government, CFR 252.225-7048,(2, U.S.C, Sec 2751, et seq.) or the Export Admin Act of 1979 (Title 50, U.S.C, App 2401 et seq) as amened, Violations of these export laws are subject to severe criminal penalties. Disseminate in accordance with provision of DoD Directive 5230.25( All Export Controlled Items Apply)


1. The provider shall review the purchase order and specific "Q" clauses and general quality requirements as identified by Paratus MFG prior to starting work.

2.  If errors, conflicts, or inconsistencies are noted with the purchase order or any other document referenced by the P.O., the supplier must immediately notify the buyer. The Supplier is required to resolve the error or inconsistency in written form from the buyer If the supplier proceeds without resolution it does so at its own risk.

3. Compliance by the Provider to all purchased order requirements is subject to on-site verification by Paratus MFG, representatives of Paratus MFG, and its customers and/or regulatory authorities.

4. Paratus encourage all Providers that their contribution is important to product safety and product conformity and it will establish value in their QMS and build a continue business relationship.


Quality Management System per SAE AS9100. The provider shall establish and maintain a Quality Management System that is in compliance with the current revision of the requirements of SAE AS9100 “Quality Management Systems.

Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations”. Providers AS9100 Quality Management System shall be certified and accredited in accordance with SAE AS9104 and listed on the SAE OASIS data base. The Suppliers Quality Management System is subject to audit, verification and approval and/or disapproval by Modern Industries designated representative(s).

Quality Management System per SAE AS9110.The Provider shall establish and maintain a Quality Management System that is in compliance with the current revision of the requirements of SAE AS9110 “Quality Maintenance Systems Aerospace Requirements for Maintenance Organizations”. Suppliers AS9110 Quality Management System shall be certified and accredited in accordance with SAE AS9104 and listed on the SAE OASIS data base. The Providers Quality Management System is subject to audit, verification and approval and/or disapproval by Modern.


Seller shall supply one copy of physical and/or chemical test reports for each lot, batch or heat, whichever is applicable. Seller shall supply original mill certification with shipment of material specified on the purchase order. The report must show that material/parts delivered are acceptable and be shall be identifiable to the product being delivered. The heat number and material manufacturer must appear on the certification. All metal alloys shall require traceability to the original heat number, and shall comply with the current material specification revision in effect when melted. The heat number and material manufacturer must appear on the certification. Material converters are responsible for maintaining heat lot traceability and are prohibited from welding, brazing, or otherwise joining coils.


If listed on Purchase Order, Seller shall furnish Paratus MFG a material sample cut or molded from the same material as the product supplied. For Paratus MFG, material samples supplied shall be cut per purchase order instructions. Note: The Buyer’s Receiving Department will deem for rejection and subject to refusal shipments made by the Seller without samples. Similarly, if the sample does not pass its material specification tests, the product supplied shall be considered unacceptable and will be returned to the Seller.


If listed on Purchased Order, a completed copy of the Paratus MFG Inspection Report must accompany each item specified on the purchase order. 100% Inspection is required with actual recorded results, for all characteristics on all parts to ensure conformance to drawing and specification requirements. A copy of this inspection record is required with the shipment of product.


Seller shall maintain a documented quality system that complies with the requirements of government and/or industry quality system standards. Specifically, Seller shall maintain a documented calibration system in accordance with ISO 10012 and/or ANSI/NCSL Z540-1; and as a minimum, an inspection system compatible with the requirements of ISO 9001. Seller's quality system is subject to verification and approval at all times by Paratus MFG Quality Assurance Department.


Seller must and shall not make any changes to the processes or materials specified under the purchase order. Seller shall notify Paratus MFG in writing prior to any proposed changes to supplier controlled design, parts, materials, fabrication methods or processes, that may affect function, interchangeability or reliability of hardware delivered to Paratus MFG or of any changes to facility location, ownership or quality management following a quality survey /audit by Paratus MFG.


Seller shall supply quantities for the net amount ordered. Any variance reflected on the purchase order must be approved by Buyer's appropriate purchasing representative prior to shipment. Unauthorized shipments received will be returned to Seller at his expense.


Paratus MFG source inspection may be required. Inspection shall be listed on the Purchsed Order with details and will be conducted at the Seller's facility and shall be requested and accomplished prior to shipment. When the items on the Purchase Order are ready for inspection, notify the Buyer’s purchasing representative so that coverage can be arranged. Drawings, specifications and/or other pertinent data, as required by Purchase Order, shall be made available to the Paratus MFG Quality Representative, at the time of material presentation.


If listed on the Purchased Order, the US Government Source Inspection (GSI) is required prior to delivery to Paratus MFG. Upon receipt of this purchase order, the Supplier shall promptly notify the US Government representative who normally services the Supplier's plant, in order that the US Government representative can accomplish appropriate planning for conducting source inspection at the Supplier's facilities. If the Supplier cannot locate the US Government representative to arrange for the required source inspection, the Supplier shall notify the Paratus MFG Buyer immediately. Upon request, the Supplier shall make available to the US Government representative any measuring and test equipment, facilities, records and personnel to facilitate the Government source inspection.


If Government surveillance is listed on the Purchased order, the Supplier's Inspection/Quality System, manufacturing operations and processes, including when applicable those at the Supplier's sub-tier sources, are subject to review, verification and analysis by authorized representatives of applicable US Government agencies and personnel. Government source inspection (GSI) is not required unless if not on the purchase order.


Seller agrees that its facility, fabrication inspection system, methods and procedures are subject to Paratus’ Customer or Government Agencies’ surveillance and investigation. All Paratus MFG Customers reserve the right of entry into the plant to verify the quality of work and materials at any / all production stages, as well as compliance to procedures and specifications.


 If listed on the Purchased Order, a detailed first article inspection report is required. The report must list all drawing characteristics. The report must include evidence of conformance to all elements including material and processes. Each drawing characteristic must be complete with the tolerance in an adjoining column. The measured condition must be recorded. The report must show Paratus MFG part number or Paratus’ Customer Part Number, revision and purchase order number. Paratus MFG must be notified in advance when the first article inspection is scheduled and reserves the right to witness the actual inspection or to require spot checks to verify the data. This first article will consist of one piece. This piece must be identified and packaged separately along with the report when shipped with the production parts.


Providers on special processes must be NADCAP Certified and and maintain a Quality system. Each special process, including, but not limited to: soldering, cleaning / etching or passivation, welding, brazing, plating / coating, heat treating, magnaforming / swaging, electro polishing, acid pickling, impregnating, bonding, glass sealing, shot peening, silkscreening, magnetic particle / penetrant or X-Ray or N-Ray inspections, when required shall be performed in accordance with the current specification. Each shipment must include a report or certification of adequate data as to where the processing was accomplished, including name and address of processing source. When required, laboratory testing facilities used to verify compliance to special processing requirements must be duly accredited laboratories


Seller shall submit with each shipment a Certificate of Conformance stating that the items furnished to Paratus MFG are in conformance to the Purchase Order/Drawing requirements applicable to the items delivered. Any recognized aerospace, military and/or industry standard, when imposed by the drawing, specification or Purchase Order must be specifically stated and form a part of the certification. Seller shall have on file all material, chemical and physical test reports and C of C's for processes performed by sub-tier suppliers and shall make these documentations available for review by Paratus MFG Representative upon request. As a minimum, each supplier and/or sub-tier certification must contain the following information: (a) Purchase Order Number  (b) Lot Number (c) Quantity Shipped (d) Part Number (e) Name and address of the  issuing the certification (f) The date of issue, and (g) Signature and title of the Seller's authorized representative.


Materials or articles having characteristics subject to degradation with age shall be marked in a manner to indicate the date of manufacture and expiration date in addition to standard identification requirements. Batch numbers and special storage or handling conditions shall be included when applicable. Material Safety Data Sheets (M.S.D.S.) must also be provided where there is a danger to health from material being purchased and when applicable.


Seller must ensure that all items shipped under this Purchase Order are adequately packed and/or packaged to prevent damage, contamination and/or deterioration. Unless otherwise specified on the Purchase Order, Seller must use best commercial practices in packaging to prevent damage, contamination and/or deterioration to all items during transit.


If non-conformances are detected during manufacturing or inspection, the supplier quality assurance personnel shall disposition the nonconformance in one of the following categories: (a) Rework or completion of operations: If the non-conformances are in this category, the articles shall be reworked, resubmitted to normal inspection and/or test operations and must meet all drawing specifications. (b) Scrap: If the article is dispositioned in accordance with the supplier procedures for controlling and disposition of scrap material. Replacements, if required, must be accompanied with the required test samples and certifications. (c) Submit for Paratus MFG preliminary review: Dispositions outside the above will require Paratus MFG preliminary review action. The supplier shall segregate and control the nonconforming material to assure no further work is accomplished on the discrepant item(s) until Paratus MFG preliminary review disposition is obtained. The supplier shall request Paratus MFG preliminary review action. The material must be held at the supplier facility pending direction from Paratus MFG. When Paratus MFG preliminary review action is completed, the disposition will be provided to the supplier immediately. Internal non-conformances in the supplier's daily operations shall be evaluated for their potential to exist in previously produced or delivered hardware. If a potential latent defect is determined, a written notice to Paratus MFG is required within 24 hours of discovery.


Materials or services found to have a quality problem will result in a formal request for Corrective Action. Such request will require a response by the identified date on the corrective action.


Provider shall establish a process to control or eliminate Foreign Object Damage or contamination during manufacturing or processing, test and inspection operation. Provider shall notified Paratus  MFG if they find a potential problem of product safety and if product does not conform.


Provider will be liable for remedial cost if counterfeit product is supplied, and potential Federal penalties associated with counterfeit fraud and falsification of certification.

Provider shall ensure their Counterfeit Avoidance program includes training applicable personnel to their procedure. Supplier shall notify in writing the supply chain representative at the impacted Paratus MFG of a requirement to utilize a non-authorized source. Suppliers eligible for utilization of the Government-Industry data Exchange Program (“GIDEP”) shall utilize the GIDEP process to alert the industry of encountered counterfeit parts. Supplier shall provide specific details regarding the suggested source, the known details on component pedigree, date code, and a suggested verification/test plan.

Provider shall provide all details in writing on a provider request form document which includes a customer sign off and approval section. Provider shall provide certification of conformance and test results and confirmed to be compliant to the details agreed upon purchased order.


Paratus Manufacturing Provider Ethic Code of Conduct captures the principles that we expect our Providers to uphold. It contains standards and guidance in each of the following areas:

    • Child labor
    • Voluntary employment/forced labor and human trafficking
    • Migrant labor
    • Abuse, harassment, disciplinary action
    • Fair and equal treatment/non-discrimination
    • Compensation and benefits
    • Working hours
    • Freedom of association and collective bargaining
    • Health and safety
    • Environment
    • Ethical business practices
    • Under Abuse, Harassment, Providers are not to engaged in physical, mental, verbal, sexual or any other abuse, inhumane or degrading treatment, corporal punishment or any form of harassment.
    • Under "Child Labor," a provision was added governing the employment of children under 18 in hazardous conditions.
    • Under "Voluntary Labor/Forced Labor," criteria were added to address concerns related to employment through private agencies and prohibiting the collection of fees from workers.

We seek to ensure that the Providers Code of Conduct reflects emerging new standards, building on the International Labour Organization and other recognized standards already reflected in the code. The Code also is aligned with the U.K. Bribery Act, U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and The California Supply Chain Transparency Act. The due diligence process associated with this Code is aligned with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.